Let Your Love Flow: Ethics or Focus?

CWG Book 2, Chapter 16: Develop an international monetary system that is wide open, totally visible, immediately traceable, completely accountable. Establish a Worldwide Compensation System by which people would be given Credits for services rendered and products produced, and Debits for services used and products consumed.

Implementing the Honor System for all transactions, Volunteer and otherwise, according to the 3 Core Concepts:
Awareness, Honesty, Responsibility.
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Let Your Love Flow: Ethics or Focus?

Post by CanDoCOOP » Tue Dec 24, 2019 5:32 pm

CCAC Core Concepts* Curriculum
Week 12: "Ethical Economics"
*Awareness, Honesty, Responsibility

Gotta love those cosmic winks and syncs! Last week our friend and mentor, Neale Donald Walsch, posed similar questions to the ones below while we were discussing the practical application of the Worldwide Compensation System from "Conversations with God" Book 2, Chapter 16. Neale originally suggested that #StoriesandExperiences, or illustrations of a Topic or Concept, can come from anywhere and everywhere -- and the Universe never ceases to provide me with an abundance of content!! This one flowed right through my amazingly intuitive student and longtime CO-OP buddy, Denise Flanagan. When the student is ready... again!

-=- Abraham-Hicks on Economy: "Abraham Hicks ~ The SECRET for Passive Income without Action" [YouTube]

"[We're talking about] the enormous value of hooking up with the energy that creates worlds. What is 'economy,' anyway? IOW, who gets to decide that what you do for a living is only worth $8 an hour, and what that one does for a living is worth $50 an hour, and what that one does for a living is worth 10 thousand or 10 million dollars an hour. Who gets to define that value, anyway? It's not very well-defined, is it?...

Where did your economy come from? Just a few hundred years ago, on this continent, you were trading beads and shells and a little bit of minerals -- that was your basis. Jerry talked about the "gold standard"; he remembers when the "gold standard" was $35 an ounce and everything was supposed to be measured against that "gold standard." There are no "standards" like that that remain, consistently. Who gets to define "value"?

... The only true value that you can ever reap the reward from, or experience the benefit of, is the value of alignment with this energy that creates worlds. What kind of monetary value do you put on that?

Who do you think was paid for this earth that is now congealed and spinning in its orbit? Who was paid for that? Who scraped that value together and who was paid for it and who tends for it in its orbit?

"[We were talking about] how interesting it is to watch humans comparing their experiences. Someone (like Alanis Morissette or Dolly Parton) can write a song that flowed to them in a matter of a minute or so, in fact the really good ones do come like that, and they can produce it and make So.Much.Money., where a person applying themselves at their endeavor only got a fraction of an hour's worth of work done -- IOW, the comparison between the application of Life in those two instances is unfathomable, the relationship difference. ...

It's not about the action that you offer, it's about the alignment with the dream, it's about the alignment with the real reSource. We're talking about tapping into the energy that creates worlds and flowing it through your experience, and a really good place to start is to look around at the vast differences in the way people are living their lives.

The people that are working the hardest in terms of action are receiving the least, and the people who are working the least are receiving the most. How do you reconcile that? Most don't. Most just say, "That sucks." Most just say there's injustice. Most just say, "Let's take the pie and split it up again. Let's take the pie and split it up again. Let's take the pie and split it up again. And it does not matter how many times you split that pie up [ethically or otherwise,] it will move into the vibrational places where Law of Attraction puts it. IOW, you just can't orchestrate it through action. It is a vibrational attraction, or allowance, that it is all about."

"Major flawed premise: 'Value only comes from action.'"

"Focus has value. Focus is harnessing the energy that creates worlds. ... You can sit and focus in the vortex and your life will change magnificently."

"The power of your mind is the only power that matters and all the other stuff you do is just for the pleasure of enhancing what you've really done with your mind and all the real power is the focus, and for you [or anyone] to call that *nothing* could not be further from accurate."

"Passive income is alignment with my vortex with such consistency that the abundance that I seek is bucking no resistance current at all, so it's flowing effortlessly, effortlessly, into my experience."

"You'll get tuned in and you won't cease to act, we promise you. When you're tuned in to the energy that creates worlds, the inspiration to call this person and go there, the inspiration will flow through you and you'll be the busiest person on the planet. But the inspiration comes first and inspires the action. The action doesn't create."

How to line up with the flow: When you ask, it is given. "All cooperative components have already been assembled. So, when you find a way of no longer being uncooperative, now this money flows to you in a passive, non-effort, easy, ease-and-flow way. Apply it wherever you want it, it will flow." -=-

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